Penn alumna Jackie Einstein Astrof, CAS ’93, founded PennPAC in 2010 as a way to engage Penn alumni together in rewarding, socially impactful work. Jackie envisioned that via PennPAC, alumni could utilize their intellectual and professional skills to assist nonprofits that likely would not otherwise have the resources to complete the task. PennPAC was set up with a project-oriented, team-oriented approach that allows alumni to develop deeper relationships with fellow alumni while working together on short-term projects that often have dramatic value for our nonprofit clients.

In fall 2011, the first PennPAC projects were launched in New York City. PennPAC is expanding to other regions outside of New York starting with a successful launch in Philadelphia in spring 2012. PennPAC is affiliated with Penn's regional alumni clubs: PennNYC and the Penn Alumni Club of Philadelphia.

PennPAC actualizes the values of Penn’s eminent founder, Benjamin Franklin, a successful entrepreneur and political leader, who is also known for his practical spirit and intense commitment to the public good.

ben franklin bench

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