How PennPAC Works

PennPAC Volunteer Teams

PennPAC recruits volunteers from a deep talent pool of the 40,000 Penn alumni in the NYC and Philadelphia areas. Volunteers are grouped into balanced and diverse project teams of six, based on the capabilities of the alums and the needs of the client, to undertake an 8-10 week strategic consulting engagement.

What happens when you cross a Wharton undergrad with a College grad and a Penn Engineer? Consulting nirvana.

PennPAC Projects
PennPAC consulting engagements address specific strategic client challenges and can cover one of several fields, including: strategy, marketing, finance, management, accounting, business development, budgeting and technology. The projects have well-defined scopes with tangible deliverables geared towards creating an actionable set of recommendations for each client. PennPAC's clients benefit from outside perspectives and access to skill sets that may not exist within their organizations. For more information review our detailed case studies and read about our past projects.

As an alternative to consulting engagements, ImPACt events are one-night, high-impact opportunities to help a nonprofit. Whether we work with the constituents of one of our nonprofit consulting clients—like our mock college interview night with Renaissance Youth Center’s South Bronx high school seniors—or perform “deep dives”—like our marketing/branding event in partnership with Harlem Business Alliance—ImPACt is a chance for Penn alumni to make a big difference in the lives of others in just one night. See Events & News for more information on our next ImPACt event.

PennPAC undertakes a new slate of projects twice per year in NYC and Philadelphia.

  • Nonprofits apply by late May/early June
  • Volunteers are recruited from April-August and then matched into teams
  • Consulting engagements run from early October through mid-December

    • Spring
      • Nonprofits apply by early December
      • Volunteers are recruited from November-January and then matched into teams
      • Consulting engagements run from early March through mid-May
        • Tools and Processes
          PennPAC leaders have developed proprietary tools and processes for PennPAC project teams, including:

          • The PennPAC Consulting Process
          • Project management tools
          • Training materials
          • Consulting templates

“I've learned so much in such a short period of time, and I'm looking forward to our final product and what it can bring to the client.  I'm also very impressed with how professional PennPAC is -- the structure and format are very well thought out." - Caleb Pollack (SEAS '95),
PennPAC Volunteer

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