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One Night. Huge ImPACt.

Whether we work with the constituents of one of our nonprofit clients—like our mock college interview night with Renaissance Youth Center’s South Bronx high school seniors—or perform “deep dives”—like our marketing/branding event in partnership with Harlem Business Alliance—ImPACt is a chance for Penn alumni to make a big difference in the lives of others in just one night.


Upwardly Global
February 8, 2017

Manny Cantor Center
November 16, 2016

YWCA of New York
May 9, 2016

Time In Children's Art Initiative
February 23, 2016

Upwardly Global
November 23, 2015

The Stevenson School
February 10, 2015

PennPAC's 2nd Annual ImPACt Event
December 3, 2013

PennPAC's First Ever ImPACt Event
December 3, 2012

"What a total success all around!  This event is such a great way to engage PennPAC people of various degrees of involvement, support a client, and do something good that can be achieved in just one night.  Kudos to everybody.” —PennPAC Volunteer

“Our kids found the day very rewarding. Not only did they learn interviewing skills, but more importantly how to create a relationship. PennPAC volunteers spoke very sincerely and in a caring manner that as a result becomes life changing to our young people. I thank you for that. You  guys have truly made a difference in the work that Renaissance does.”
--Bervin Harris, Executive Director, Renaissance Youth Center

“The event was invaluable...The volunteers who worked with us communicated their ideas in a way that resonated with me and allowed me to look at my branding issues with new eyes.”
—Charmaine DaCosta, Purveyor of Harlem-based Crude Foods

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