Operations Manager

PennPAC is currently seeking an Operations Manager to support our growing organization in its various activities. Activities include: volunteer and nonprofit recruitment and selection, communications, project management, event planning and fundraising. As PennPAC is a virtual organization, this is primarily a virtual position, with some NYC presence required so we are seeking an individual based in the greater NY area. Expected time commitment is 30 hours per week. 

Send resume, a brief cover letter, and salary requirements to: jobs@pennpac.org

The Operations Manager will:
1. Support and help manage the work of selecting, staffing and overseeing our projects, project teams and events.

  • Provide ongoing staff support to the Nonprofit Relations Team including assistance with pre- and post- consulting engagement processes.
  • Serve as a contact with nonprofit clients and maintain these relationships over time.
  • Support the Volunteer Relations Team with the volunteer recruitment process as needed. Tasks could include advertising and coordinating volunteer information sessions; managing the volunteer interview team; recruiting, interviewing and staffing.
  • Provide administrative support in planning, coordinating and communicating of events.

    • 2. Assist Director of Communications with PennPAC’s social media presence, with updating online and print marketing/communications materials, program materials and website, and with creating new graphics/content.
      3. Utilize various technologies to complete tasks including:
      • Creating, running and analyzing Salesforce and Survey Monkey reports.
      • Entering new/updated client and volunteer information into Salesforce database.
      • Posting provided content on Facebook and Twitter.
      • Creating new content for posting on social media and for other marketing/communication materials using basic graphic design/publishing tools. We currently utilize Canva, PowerPoint, iMovie, Microsoft Publisher and Adobe InDesign.
      • Updating current Moonfruit website and new Wordpress website as directed and based on communications schedule.
      • Creating and scheduling newsletters with content provided using Mailchimp.
      • Coordinating sign-ups, calls, meetings and file sharing. We currently utilize Form Assembly, Doodle, ToDoist, calendly, Google Hangouts & Dropbox

        • 4. Attend all in-person events--information sessions, pro bono consulting events, social events, info sessions, and fundraising events--to foster relationships and to help as needed with on-site preparations and event details (approximately 6/year, typically held on weekday evenings).
          5. Coordinate various aspects of fundraising efforts including individual and corporate sources.
          6. Conduct research into potential donors, grants, corporate sponsors, peer organizations, nonprofit and pro bono consulting trends, past Client news and other relevant topics as time allows.
          7. Spearhead and/or manage special projects as needs arise and time allows.

          The Operations Manager must:

          • Possess a BA/BS & 4+ years of professional experience in consulting, nonprofit management and/or project management. Masters Degree a plus.
          • Have the appropriate technological skills to effectively accomplish all work detailed in #3 above.
          • Possess strong interpersonal skills as the Operations Manager will work directly with our nonprofit clients and volunteer base. A warm, gregarious personality will be critical for successfully fostering these relationships and ensuring PennPAC’s ongoing success.
          • Be energetic, nimble and strategic.  A detail-oriented multi-tasker with superior written and oral communication skills.
          • Possess a “whatever it takes” attitude and be flexible to adapt to a fluid task mix given PennPAC’s seasonality and that it is a young and growing organization. Perform other tasks as necessary.
            • Position Details:

              • Reports directly to the Executive Director and has opportunities for growth within the organization.
              • As detailed above, this is primarily a virtual, work-from-home position as PennPAC is a virtual organization. Some in-person NYC presence (~1x/month) is required for meetings, events and site scouting.
              • Expected time commitment is 30 hours per week. 
              • As many PennPAC volunteers are working professionals, some evening and weekend hours are necessary.This includes evening calls and events.
              • The workload of the Operations Manager is uneven throughout the course of the year; it is heavier to start up and close out project terms and tends to be lighter in the summer. 
              • The Operations Manager will have some flexibility in determining her/his schedule, but must be reachable and responsive during business hours.

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