Past Events


ImPACt Event with Upwardly Global
February 8, 2017

ImPACt Event at the Manny Cantor Center
November 16, 2016

Volunteer Appreciation Party
June 9, 2016

ImPACt Event with Time In Children's Art Initiative
February 23, 2016

ImPACt Event with Upwardly Global
November 23, 2015

Spring Celebration
May 27, 2015

ImPACt Event with the Stevenson School
February 10, 2015

Study Break! PennPAC Happy Hour
November 20, 2014

PennPAC Meet n Greet
January 14, 2014

PennPAC's 2nd Annual ImPACt Event
December 3, 2013

PennPAC Volunteer Appreciation Event
May 29, 2013

PennPAC Happy Hour
January 31, 2013

PennPAC's First Ever ImPACt Event
December 3, 2012

ImPACt 3

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