Should we apply?

  • Could your organization use more resources to help address business challenges?
  • Are the demands of day-to-day operations trumping longer-term initiatives?
  • Are budget restrictions limiting your ability to allocate resources for strategic efforts?
  • Do you need advice beyond your core competencies?
  • Could you use some outside perspective?
    • If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, consider the criteria and objectives below to see if your nonprofit is a good fit for a PennPAC consulting project.

      PennPAC seeks to work with clients who demonstrate the organizational capacity to support our consulting teams and to implement our recommendations to bring about lasting, meaningful impact. All applicants must meet the following criteria:

      Eligibility Criteria:

      • Have 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
      • At least 3 paid, full-time staff
      • Operating budget of at least $350k
      • Be located in and have a mission that benefits the NYC or Philadelphia area
      • Not promote a specific religious or political belief
        • To further assure success of our projects, we look for organizations with:

          • Executive Director sponsorship and key staff member commitment (estimated at 8-10 hours per month for primary contact)
          • Organizational readiness – not facing a major disruption such as a change in leadership, major infrastructure project, all-consuming gala, etc.
          • Proposed project represents a high priority, strategic challenge with implementation feasibility
          • Flexibility to meet with consulting team outside business hours (most volunteers are professionals volunteering in their spare time)
          • Commitment to provide post-project feedback and six and twelve month follow-up with metrics
            • Please note that PennPAC requests an Engagement Fee of $1,000 at the conclusion of each engagement to help offset administrative expenses associated with initiating and overseeing projects. Applicants are encouraged to apply regardless of ability to pay the fee.

              Learn more about the PennPAC Application Process.

Childrens Orchestra Society final meeting 3

A delighted PennPAC client, Yeou-Cheng Ma, Children's Orchestra Society

“It is the single best consulting experience I've had, from clarity of project goals, follow through, and gathering of good data and feedback. Thank you, PennPAC.” - PennPAC Client, Erika Floreska Bloomingdale School of Music

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