The PennPAC Volunteer Experience

Volunteer on your terms. Choose from three ways to work with PennPAC.

1. Join or lead a consulting engagement team
Consulting teams are the heart of PennPAC and the support we provide to nonprofits. Project seasons are 8-10 weeks: Fall (October through mid-December) and Spring (early March through mid-May.)

Team members work together to develop a useful, actionable set of recommendations to address their nonprofit client's needs. Individuals tasks (e.g., research, interviews, modeling) are allocated based on team members’ skills and interests. Past projects have addressed: strategy, marketing, finance, management, accounting, business development, budgeting and technology.

Consultants are required to participate in weekly conference calls and to attend three in-person meetings with their client. Sometimes team members choose to work together in person on occasion on project work as well. Standard project teams have meetings and calls in the evenings or on weekends, while Business Hours project teams have meetings and calls during the business day.

Team roles vary based on time availability and experience:

Role Hours Responsibilities Experience
Consultant (4/Team) 3-5 Project work (e.g., research, analysis, meetings/calls) No specific experience required
Team Leader 5-7 Project work and serves as engagement manager Signficant work & PennPAC experience
Deputy Team Leader 5-7 Project work and partners with Team Leader No specific experience required
Liaison 2 Team supervisor Previously served as Team Leader

2. Attend an ImPACt Event
ImPACt is a one-night, high-impact, hands-on interaction with one nonprofit organization. Participating in an ImPACt event is a great way to get to know PennPAC better.

3. Provide internal support
Volunteers are the backbone of PennPAC. They participate in standing committees (e.g., Volunteer Relations, Nonprofit Relations) and help provide assistance with building the infrastructure and developing the logistics of PennPAC itself (e.g., communications, technology, event planning.) Volunteers can also take on any number of small projects behind the scenes. For more information please email us.


PennPAC Consulting Team in action Read our Volunteer Spotlight to learn more! Ready to an even bigger impact? Learn about our Leadership roles.

"PennPAC was a perfect triple-play. Working on a PennPAC project allowed me to demonstrate and gain valuable professional experiences beyond my responsibilities at work, work with a talented team that I continuously learned from, and most importantly help a great organization do what they do better." - Dimitry Cohen (CAS'08), PennPAC Volunteer

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PennPAC Happy Hour

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